Daughters of Light Program

Daughters of Light Mission

The Daughters of Light Program provides a supportive sisterhood in which therapeutic interventions and gospel principles are applied to help women and young women of all ages overcome personal adversity, including addictions, by reconnecting with their own personal power, light, and divinity.

There are many Benefits of actively participating in the Daughters of Light Program.

Group Process

During group time women are mentored by the therapist and uplifted by one another.

Group begins with reviewing the confidentiality rules and recommitting to keeping the group a safe environment. After which, each individual does a feelings check-in, reports her weekly PoWeR points, and progress towards her WoMaN goals. Read all the details of the Group Process.

Safety in the Sisterhood

Women have an innate need to create nurturing and supportive connections. The Daughters of Light Sisterhood is a group of women who create these supportive relationships based on shared experiences, concerns, and goals. Confidentiality and emotional safety is reviewed weekly. Daughters of Light Sisterhood is a place of safety. There is safety in the Daughters of Light Sisterhood.

Graduation — Becoming Empresses

Upon successful completion of the Daughters of Light Program, participants earn the title of Empress. An Empress is a graduate who has mastered her thoughts and her behaviors by applying the skills, knowledge, and personal spiritual insights gained through the Daughters of Light Program. She is filled with the light of Christ and has the confidence to lead out and the desire to inspire others. Learn what is required to Graduate and earn the title Empress.


Enrolling is simple. Everything you need to enroll, or to find out more, is on the Enroll page. The FAQ also answers many questions about this life changing program.