How do I enroll myself and/or my daughter into the Daughters of Light Program?

Enrolling is simple. Just go to the Enrolling, Further Questions page.

What is a Daughter of Light?

A Daughter of Light is a self-aware and well trained woman at any age who has learned to discern truth and utilize its power in her life. She knows when the adversary is invading her own thoughts in an effort to destroy confidence and spiritual growth. A Daughter of Light emanates courage and strength. She is not afraid to stand alone amid peers for values and principles she holds dear. She knows when her light is shining bright and that this enables her to be an instrument in God’s hands and reach her full potential. She knows how to use her gifts to serve God, fight Satan, and make healthy emotional connections in life. She acknowledges her great worth and disdains anything that would remove it from her! A Daughter of Light is armed with the ability,skills, and courage to face adversity, and the power to stand triumphant to the end.

What is an Empress in the Daughters of Light Program?

An Empress is a graduate who has learned how to  master her thoughts and her behaviors by applying the skills, knowledge, and personal spiritual insights gained through the Daughters of Light Program. She is filled with the light of Christ and has the confidence to lead out and the desire to inspire others. She is a creator in her own life. Through her example she lights the path for others to follow that they too may become masters of their divinity. Her strength promotes the desire in others to draw nearer to God. Her humble confidence is felt by all through her love, light, and compassion.

More details on how to earn the title Empress on the Graduation page.

What do participants gain from Daughters of Light?

The ability to recognize the subtleties Satan uses to distance one from her divine purpose. The tools and skills to counteract his impact. A participant will trust in her ability to call on the power of God and understand how to use this strength to withstand the storms of life and overcome the adversary in all his forms. She will learn how to create inner peace, self confidence, and chart a life long course that is founded in knowing her divine role and mission. The Daughters of Light Program will arm women of all ages with the tools to win life’s most challenging battles, rise from falls both big and small and humbly enjoy fulfilling her intrinsic purpose.

More on the Benefits of the Daughters of Light Program.

To see what past participants have gained check out the testimonials.

How will a member of my congregation benefit from the Daughters of Light Program?

Daughters of Light therapists are trained to work in conjunction with ecclesiastical leaders in order to support spiritual goals while addressing therapeutic issues. The clinician will make contact as often as the ecclesiastical leader feels is necessary. Daughters of Light clinicians offer free consults to all ecclesiastical leaders who have questions, want to learn more, or desire tools to help members of their congregation.

What can I do as a parent to support my daughter through her challenges?

It is important that parents allow their child to take the lead in participating in group and reaching her goal of graduation. The positive peer support of the sisterhood and the therapist is sufficient pressure to inspire and encourage progress. Often times when parents become too engaged in the process a power struggle arises and the child begins fighting for her ability to be independent of the parent rather than fighting against the adversary.  A healthy balance of positive support and recognition of both small and large strides your child is making increase confidence and an adolescent’s desire to keep moving forward.

Are there groups that focus on specific misbehaviors (sexual addictions, self-harming, eating disorders, etc.)?

Yes. When there are 6 or more participants attempting to overcome the same challenge a target group to meet the specific need is created.

Is the Daughters of Light program run the same as the Sons of Helaman?

It has similar characteristics such as the Eternal Warrior principles and utilizing the power of group to create synergistic change, and Mindy was trained by Maurice Harker in the Eternal Warrior programs. However the Sons of Helaman program is primarily for male adolescents with a focus on overcoming pornography and sexual addiction. Daughters of Light addresses a broader spectrum of issues that is inclusive of sexual misbehaviors and more. Another difference is Daughters of Light is for women and young women of all ages.

Will my daughter be influenced by the misbehaviors of other young women in the group?

As a wise parent it is normal to feel concerned about the influence that others will have on your child. Putting a child in a therapeutic group setting requires a level of trust and confidence in the therapist and program. The Daughters of Light Program is success oriented, and strength based methods are the primary focus of the group. The details of anyone’s misbehaviors are discussed in the privacy of an individual session, not within the group setting. In the event that a participant begins to share inappropriate information or off colored details she will be immediately interrupted and refocused to join in sharing at the level appropriate for the group setting. It is important that as a parent you feel confident in your decision to allow your child to participate in our program. If you are interested in the Benefits the Daughters of Light Program has to offer but cannot overcome your concerns, I invite you to consult with the therapist to resolve your concerns and for clarification and a more in depth description of the processes.

As an adult woman, I’m concerned about others misbehaviors being shared and addressed in group. What should I do?

Group is a safe place to share and learn from others. As the sisterhood learns from the experiences of each other, and from the therapist when she introduces or reviews coping skills which can then be put immediately into practice. If you are still concerned, I invite you to consult with the therapist to resolve your concerns and for clarification and a more in depth description of the processes.

I’m a therapist, how do I start my own Daughters of Light groups?

After Completion of the training program and the ability to demonstrate competency in the guiding principles, certification as a Daughters of Light therapist will be awarded.
To get started, Meet with Mindy.