“The Daughters of Light program is amazing! When participants first join you can see the shadows that depress and push them down. But as they mature in group and come to know the divinity within, and connect with their true power and light, the glow that emanates from them is unmistakable. Sometimes seeing the light change in ourselves is difficult, but it is amazing to see my sisters grow in their truth and brightness!

As for myself, the two hour weekly sessions are the best part of the week. I come distracted, brain fogged, and depressed, and I leave feeling uplifted, happy, and empowered. I’m seeing miracles in my life already. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of!”

Eileen Smith, 32


“What I like about this program is that it has honestly helped me to gain a closer relationship with Heavenly Father. It has helped me to get out of my comfort zone and make good habits in my life. I look forward to group because it gives me a chance to socialize but still feel comfortable because I know it’s a safe place where I won’t be judged, but instead will get help and support. Also, I finished the PWR for the week.”

Young Woman


“I have loved the Daughter’s of Light program and think it has really helped My daughter. She is doing really well. There have been times when she hasn’t wanted to go, but always after she is in a good mood, so I know it has been beneficial! She doesn’t always share a lot of it, so I’m not sure exactly what goes on, but I can tell she is stronger and more confident. If you ever have any of these kids be speakers or go and talk to others, I think “my daughter” would be so good at that! I think she would be a good example of a great kid that got introduced and mixed up in bad things(if that makes sense). I am truly grateful to you, Mindy, for finding you!!”

Daughter of Light participant’s parent


“Hey Mindy,

Our daughter is doing very well at this point. She looks & feels positive about life in general.

She’s wanting to surround herself with friends from church that are seeking spiritual goals.

She met with the Bishop yesterday– she arrived home with a rough outline that will have her prepared to go on a mission by her birthday.

We can’t say “Thank You” enough for the positive influence that you have been in her life through this dark time she was facing. She’s back to a much happier daughter that we remember! 😆 👍

Thank you again,

Amy & Eric Fairbourn”


“DofL has helped me want to be better. whenever I have the thought of going to daughters of light, I stay away from temptation easier. I want to have the spirit with me and I want to be able to feel good when I go to daughters of light and not feel guilty and like a failure. it also helps me push out negative thoughts when they come to mind; now knowing they’re from Satan.”

Young Woman


“Thanks so much for all you have done for our daughter she has loved her classes and we have noticed a lot of positive changes. many thanks!”

Parent of Participant


“I loved group because we could say anything and know we wouldn’t be judged for it. I like that we pledge confidentiality. It helped me open myself up and discover there are gils like me out there who know what I am going through. I am a stronger person because of group.”



“I loved the discussion we had with the young men on pornography because I have had friends who have dealt with that addiction. It helped me to know how to stay friends without being judgmental and maintain strong boundaries.”



“Daughters of Light really helped me with dating in high school and college because I use the tools that we learned to help me assess the guys who ask me out. The :creepy Guy Detector” taught me how to recognize when I might be in danger. I saw my full potential and realized that I didn’t need a boyfriend in order to love myself or feel happy.”